Enquiries? Complaints? Suggestions?

Дубилет А.В.

Dear Customers and Business Partners!

The bank permanently focuses on improving customer service quality and therefore highly appreciates your opinions and wishes.

Mutual cooperation will help to make banking services and products even more qualitative and convenient. You can always address your questions to customer managers, express your wishes and proposals, as well as send the Bank your claims or complaints (hereinafter – applications).

All your applications are registered and forwarded to the division in charge. The bank carefully analyses each application in order to offer a suitable solution. Such analysis allows the Board to recognise a claim as justified or unjustified.

Your applications will be examined within two weeks. Should additional time be needed for examination of the matter, you will be informed of the response time, which should not exceed 30 calendar days. Response shall be provided in writing (by ordinary or registered mail, or electronic mail), or orally (by phone).

Responses to written applications shall be in writing. You may specify a preferable way of response in your application (for example, by post, e-mail). Responses to verbal applications shall be verbal; in certain cases the bank may provide a written response.

Applications may be submitted in Latvian, Russian, English and German. The bank will provide a response in the same language.