07. Março 2017.

Changes in the use of authorisation tools

Dear customers!

From 1 April 2017 the Latvian banks are obliged to ensure a higher level of security for customers using Internet bank, including unique authentication elements.

Therefore, we hereby inform you that as of 1 April 2017 the possibility to use a static signature password and a code card will be disabled in Privat24 Internet bank.
We draw your attention to the fact that it will also not be possible to confirm your purchases on the Internet (with 3D technology) using the code card.

Instead of these authorisation tools, the Bank offers Privat24 Internet bank users the following options:

- SMS password is a one-use digit code sent to the user to their specified mobile phone number as a text message.
The limit of the amount of payment using SMS password is 20,000.00 euro. Connection and use of the SMS password service is free of charge.
To connect a phone number to which SMS password will be sent, go to Privat24 Internet bank, select section Settings -> Phone Management, enter
your phone number and confirm it with your existing authentication tool.

- Digipass is an electronic device which generates digit codes (with or without PIN code depending on the model). It has no limit on the amount of payment.
Digipass device can be obtained at any branch of AS PrivatBank. Information on fee for issuing Digipass device can be found in the Bank's Fees section on the Bank's website.

Kind regards,
АS PrivatBank

Centro de Imprensa do PrivatBank